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Lego DOTS 41933 Music
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Music-loving kids will adore creating and wearing this LEGO DOTS Music Bracelet (41933) jewellery set! This creative arts & crafts DIY set for kids age 6+ features a good-quality, adjustable, flexible band in black that fits around bigger or smaller wrists and holds up to endless wear and decoration. The kit also includes 32 colourful tiles, including music note-decorated tiles with a metallic effect, translucent tiles and glitter tiles. It’s intended to be an easy, intuitive creation, so kids can design their own bracelet and make it uniquely theirs, to suit their outfit or mood. There is no wrong way to play - the joy of this custom jewellery kit is the chance for kids to explore self-expression and decorate it however they like. Anything goes with this fun bracelet, as well as all the other LEGO DOTS toy sets – the magic lies in a child’s imagination. The range of different bracelets makes great unexpected treats at any time. Features Features an adjustable, flexible black band with 32 music note-decorated tiles with a metallic effect, translucent tiles and glitter tiles This arts & crafts DIY set for kids age 6+ stretches kids' self-expression skills when they create and then wear their favourite version DOTS Series 4 easy-to-follow inspiration on the packaging makes designing a snap, or kids can create their own patterns again and again With the bracelet measuring over 7 in. (20 cm) long, it is an inspiring Christmas, birthday or anytime gift for boys and girls aged 6 and up Let them expand their designs with cool new ideas from the LEGO Extra DOTS - Series 4 41931 bag, or combine with Cool Cactus Bracelet 41922 Creative kids will also love other LEGO DOTS Extra DOTS packs: Series 1 (41908), Series 2 (41916) and Series 3 (41921) with Surprise Charms Age: 6+ Number of Pieces: 33

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Commercialisé en 2021
Référence 41933
Thème: Univers: Lego - DOTS
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